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Date: 06.12.12 | Category: Favorite Posts

Multilingual Babies

Did you know that exposing children as young as 6 months old to several languages boosts their intellectual ability?

Paricia Kuhl, the co-director of the Institute for Brain Learning Sciences at the University of Washington, explains in her video how babies implicitly learn languages (link to the video available below). The younger they are, the more easily their brains are able to absorb the sounds of language. As young as 6 months old, these youngsters can reason with astonishing sophistication and differentiate between languages.

Internationally recognized as an expert in early language and brain development, Ms. Kuhl has been instrumental in demonstrating how early exposure to language actually alters the brain.

Ms. Kuhl’s experiments demonstrate that language has a critical period for learning and that infants are geniuses at learning languages. They listen intently and actually take statistics on the language they hear. They are like miniature scientists. Important, too, she shows that it takes a human being to help the children absorb this information. The same learning does not take place by watching a TV screen. These children’s minds are opening wide and may lead the way to keeping ourminds open into and throughout adulthood.

To watch Patricia Kuhl’s short video:

Jacki Scott Be Lingual!