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By: School Search Solutions
Date: 09.20.12 | Category: Favorite Posts

The Best SAT Scores in NYC Private High Schools

Parents look for schools by top SAT scores for several reasons:

1) They think  top scores are an indicator of school quality;

2) They think a school’s scores will help their children get top scores on the SAT’s;

3) They think it will help them get into the best colleges.

What’s wrong with this strategy?

1) SAT scores have nothing to do with whether or not a school is a top school.  SAT preparation is rarely part of the curriculum covered in NYC private schools.  Good schools expose kids to important ideas, teach students how to think, how to solve complex problems, how to argue their opinions verbally and in writing and to obtain and evaluate information.  For the most part, these are not the skills that are tested by SAT exams.

2) The SAT scores of their classmates have no bearing on what your child’s SAT scores will be.

3) While admittedly an undeniable component of college admissions decisions, emphasis on SAT scores to the exclusion of other qualities colleges look for (including, but not limited to, intellectual curiosity, depth of passion, commitment to community service) may actually reduce a student’s chances of admission.

Unfortunately, today top SAT scores may reflect parents spending a great deal of money on SAT tutoring, and this kind of trend does spread quickly throughout schools.  If you plan to devote significant resources to SAT preparation, going to a NYC private high school with good SAT scores is not necessary.   If you’re not planning to do so, putting your child in an environment where all the other kids get a great deal of tutoring and coaching may reduce his or her confidence and backfire.