One private school in New York City admitted only 2.4 percent of
children from families with no previous connection to Kindergarten


By Liz Perelstein

When I talk to parents about what’s important in choosing a school, I always minimize the importance of facilities. To me, parents care much more about beautiful campuses, fields, and state of the art labs than kids do. Of course, for an athlete, sports fields are important and for an artist a well equipped studio does matter. But in general there is far more emphasis on the way facilities look than matters, in my view.

But this article in captured my fancy. The edgeless campus is interesting because it echoes the way students are learning today. Collaboration, interdisciplinary instruction and applying academic knowledge and technology to real life problems has been recognized as the way forward if kids are going to remember what they learn and be prepared for the world they are entering. I like the idea of edgeless schools because it works in tandem with best practices in teaching and is not designed to impress parents (in fact it may make many parents uncomfortable) or as an innovation for innovation’s sake.

By: School Search Solutions
Date: 10.04.12 | Category: Favorite Posts