One private school in New York City admitted only 2.4 percent of
children from families with no previous connection to Kindergarten


Can I move my child to a new school if it’s not an entry level year?

Why move?

Sometimes a child isn’t happy in school for a period of time but it is not necessary to consider a drastic change. Kids have temporary academic or social problems, difficulty during unstructured times of day -like recess or lunch – or may be bullied for a short period of time. While it is always painful to watch your child struggle, often there are skills that he or she can learn that will help when dealing with future adversity.

At other times a problem persists – whether it is bullying or a long term academic struggle – and you can really see your child decline. In these cases it is worthwhile to consider a move, but not without first trying interim steps to solve the problem. Academic issues might call for meeting with a learning specialist, having your child tested, or simply engaging a tutor. Behavioral or emotional problems may merit seeing the school psychologist or a professional outside the school. The process you undertake shows your child that it is important to work on solutions before jumping ship.

If your child really is mismatched with the school – in terms of learning/teaching style, peer group, or interests, switching schools can bring about an amazing change in his or her level of happiness and engagement. In these situations, a mid-course correction can be preferable to waiting, because a year or more is a very long time in the life of a child.
Is it possible to move my child?

Actually, a change during a non-entry level year can be easier than applying when everyone else is going through the process. While most parents intend to keep their child in school when he or she enrolls, life circumstances cause families to move – either out of town or out of the country – and chance vacancies become available. And children other than yours may not be thriving and switch schools just as you are considering doing. While there are fewer openings during non-entry years, there is far less competition for these places.

By: School Search Solutions
Date: 10.01.12 | Category: Favorite Posts