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Inside LEAP

Inside LEAP

The process of finding the right school is a lengthy and laborious one for families and they are surrounded by conflicting information about the right way to approach the independent school application process.  While we work to help families think about their children and their values as they pertain to schooling, we recognize that not every family can afford an educational consultant, so we have developed an analytical tool that we hope will prove thought-provoking and insightful for families as they go through this difficult process.

This tool is designed to elicit the “subjective” elements of a school culture – as opposed to objective facts like the location, size and acceptances at ongoing schools or universities.  We incorporate input from both schools and parents so that the match can be meaningful.  We create a unique view of schools for parents, and get them to think about issues in a way that they might not have before.  Ideally, parents will realize that some schools that might not have been on their radar might, in fact, be a perfect match for their child.

The questions we have developed fall into four categories (Learning, Ethos, Achievement and enrichment, and Principles – LEAP), with 12-15 questions in each section; these questions are answered from both the school and parental perspectives. For each category, the resulting report will show parents a list of schools that closely align with their perspectives in the four categories.  At no time will any user’s or school’s individual responses ever be identifiable.